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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for shopping at the Aurora University Bookstore!  During normal business hours, we check and process new orders throughout the day.  If you place your order while the store is closed, your order will be processed on the next business day. Please note, when using a credit or debit card, the total amount will be a pre-authorization. When the Aurora Univeristy Bookstore finalizes the sale through the registers, the pre-authorization may take up to 15 business days to "drop off" after the sale is completed and the actual completed sales amount has posted. By placing an order on our website you acknowledge you are the person authorized to use the selected payment method. 

If your course/section gives you a Choice of multiple books, that just means that you have the Choice between a paper textbook or a digital ebook. The titles are still required. The ebooks will state that they are ebooks and give you the duration of the subscription.  Please contact the store if you need any clarification before placing an order.

Please Note:  If you are purchasing E-Books only, you will receive an email from us with a copy of your receipt that will contain the redemption PIN code, along with the website for accessing your E-Books.  If you are purchasing other items along with an E-book, you will receive a copy of the receipt that contains the redemption code, along with your other purchases, via store pick up or shipping.  You will need to set up an account at, prior to redeeming your E-Book PIN's.  Please contact the store if you need any assistance.  Also, if you are only purchasing E-Books in your transaction, choose In Store Pickup as form of delivery.  There is no shipping neccessary for E-Book only orders.  As stated above, if you are purchasing E-Books only, you will receive your redemption pin codes via email.    eBooks are refundable within 14 days of the first day of access, or 30 days after the purchase is made, whichever occurs first. Additionally, RedShelf cannot fulfill refund requests if more than 10% of the product has been viewed or if any page(s) of the content has been printed.

Please Note:  The account creation on our site is a little different than most platforms.
   Once you checkout on our website for the first time, it will create an account using the credentials that you entered during that checkout. Your username will be the email address that you entered and the password will be emailed to you at the time of checkout.  Once you login for the first time, you can choose to change your password.  If you have any questions about creating an account, please reach out to us at the store via email or phone.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are wanting to purchase your books using your Financial Aid, you must speak with Student Accounts BEFORE you place your order, so that they can set up a book voucher for you.  This must be done EVERY semester.  Student Accounts is located in Eckhart 103, if you want to speak to them in person.  If you have your AU ID, you can also set up your voucher over the phone by calling them at  (630) 844-5470.



PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship to a PO Box, so please provide a valid street address. New & Used prices are shown for most books, but this does not always mean we have both stock. If you order used books and select "do not substitute" and we do not have any used books in stock, the book will be canceled off your order. If you order new books and select "do not substitute" and we are out of stock, the book will be canceled off your order. Thank you!

What is the status of my order?


Sign in to your account so you can see a list of all your orders.

Order Status Codes:

New - An order that has not yet been viewed and we have not yet taken any action taken on it.
In-Process - The order has been viewed and we have begun processing it.
Backordered - Item(s) are considered backordered when we have ordered them from our vendors, and we are waiting to receive them.
Fulfilled - All the item(s) have been shipped out or are ready for pick-up at the bookstore.
Cancelled - The item(s) have been cancelled and requires no further action.

Payment Methods


Here is a list of payment methods Aurora University Bookstore - Spartan Shop accepts.


  Student Voucher- Please enter ID number and Credit Card information.  Your card will not be charged, unless you have items in your cart that are not covered by your aid or you do not have enough Financial Aid to cover the expense of your purchases.


  Student Voucher- Please have AU ID number with you

Please note: You must contact Student Accounts each semester before a Student Voucher will be available.

What does Textbook Condition Preference mean?


During checkout you can indicate whether we can substitute Used for New or New for Used if your preference is not available.

If you elect to substitute and we don't have your first choice we will automatically provide you with that same title in the condition we do have in-stock. Please note: when a textbook condition substitution occurs there is a change to the final total price of the order.

What's an ISBN?


ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. You can find the ISBN on the back cover of the book near the bar code, or on the copyright page of the book.

Availability of Merchandise


Our goal is to provide you with all the products and services that have been made available through the website. On rare occasions, some items and services may not be available at the time of purchase. If this happens, we will make every reasonable effort to provide you with the item or service requested.


Textbook Return Policy


The Bookstore will accept the return of textbooks for a refund at the beginning of each semester under the following conditions: New books MUST be free of all markings. Used books MUST be in resalable condition. Books, bought or rented, MUST be returned within the first 7 days of the semester (the first 4 days of the 10-week summer session) with verified AU cash register receipt. Exceptions may apply in case of cohorts or abbreviated courses and terms. Please check with Bookstore staff. In the case of a course drop or withdrawal from school, a refund is given the first 21 days of the semester (first 10 days of the 10-week summer session) with verified cash register receipt and drop slip. Exceptions may apply in the case of cohorts or abbreviated courses and terms. Please check with Bookstore staff.  eBooks are refundable within 14 days of the first day of access, or 30 days after the purchase is made, whichever occurs first. Additionally, RedShelf cannot fulfill refund requests if more than 10% of the product has been viewed or if any page(s) of the content has been printed. Please note, shipping fees are not refundable.


Textbook Rental Agreement


Aurora University Bookstore Textbook Rental Agreement


  I am a current Aurora University student and have a current valid AU ID #.  I will supply my name, ID#, home address, email, phone # and a valid credit or debit card to rent textbooks.


  I am fully responsible for the textbooks for the semester/term, in which I have entered into this rental agreement, and have checked the textbooks’ condition before leaving the Bookstore.


  I understand I am fully responsible for all penalties and/or fines, if the textbook is late, damaged, lost or not returned.  I understand these penalties and/or fines may be charged to my Aurora University account or a valid credit or debit card provided at time of rental.  A hold may be placed on my student account, or I may not be able to participate in the rental program in the future if penalties and/or fines are not reconciled.


  I understand I may return the rental textbook within the first 7 business days of the semester/term, which the textbook was rented, with a register receipt for a full refund minus 10% restocking fee.  See Bookstore staff for return policy on summer term, cohorts and other abbreviated courses/terms.  For course drops or university withdrawals I have the first 21 business days of the semester/term with same policies stated above plus proof of drop or withdrawal.

 I understand all rental textbooks must be returned to the Bookstore by the last day of the semester/term for which they were rented or by the date on the rental agreement, whichever is earlier.  If you need to ship the Rental textbooks back to the store, you are responsible for the purchase and creation of the shipping cost and label.  They may be shipped via USPS, UPS, or FedEx.  Rental textbooks 1-10 business days past due will be fined $20 per textbook. On the 11th day after due date, all textbooks  not returned will be considered lost and will be charged to the credit or debit card given at time of rental, or my Aurora University student account. 


Books not returned will be charged to the provided credit or debit card.  If the credit or debit card provided is declined, collection may be assigned to a third party agency. I understand and acknowledge books not returned and associated penalties may be assigned collection by a third party agency.  I will be responsible for paying all Collection Fees assessed by the Third Party Collection Agency.  I agree the designated Third Party Collection Agency is authorized to contact me by telephone, text message or email, where message and data rates may apply.  Methods of contact may include using prerecorded/artificial voice message and/or use of an automatic dialing device, as applicable.

I have read this disclosure and agree that the Lender/Creditor may contact me as described above.


  I understand all CDs, DVDs or components, which were rented with the textbook, must be returned in good condition at the time the rental textbook is returned.  If components and/or textbooks are lost, damaged or not returned, I will be charged for the full retail price [i]of the textbook plus applicable sales tax. Rental fee will not be refunded.


  I understand the Bookstore reserves the right to refuse any textbook rental returns due to damage.  Examples of damage, but not inclusive, are liquids (water, snow, rain , coffee, juice and soft drinks), food, fire, chemical spills, animal damage (bite marks or stains), missing covers, tears or missing pages, excessive highlighting or writing on pages, broken CDs or DVDs  and broken spines.